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“You have to train brave priests,
Merciful and Holy!
Holy, you understand?”

Pope Francis to Fr. Guillaume Bruté of Rémur, 11/11/2015

With these words, last November 11, Pope Francis interrupted the little speech that I had prepared to tell him about our project and ask him to sign the parchment of the First Stone.

With these words he reminded me of my mission: to train. God has formed us clay and earth, and here I am, collaborating in this new creation that is gradually emerging from that marked by division, rejection, sin, death.

Train brave priests! Certainly, the world needs kind, good guides, but it also needs bravery, courage, the courage to love that is so lacking when everything suggests that violence is the only answer possible.

The courage to love is the courage to forgive, to be witnesses to the mercy that God has revealed by sending his Son to save sick humanity.

And is not this the holiness of God? To shoot death from life?

So here we are all called to participate in this work of reconciliation, of salvation ... As much as we are, each to our measure, we can collaborate and that is why I wish you the WELCOME!


P. Guillaume Bruté of Rémur